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African foods

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How to prepare Banga soup

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If you are drawn away by the high-calorie content, I will want you to reconsider your stance and not miss out on this delicious soup.

a close in picture of Palmut soup in a black bowl.
How To Make Banga Using Fresh Palm Kernel Fruit
Boil the palm kernel fruit for 30 minutes until it becomes soft.
Transfer the nuts into a mortar and pound gently, making sure you don’t break the nuts.
Pour some hot water over the pounded nuts, squeeze and use a sieve to strain out the extract – do this a couple of times until you get all the extract from the nut.
Pour the extract into a pot and boil until it thickens and the oil rises to the top. Then continue with the remaining process in this recipe below.
You can buy some of the ingredients I used in this recipe below:

Palm-nut concentrate
Oburunbebe stick

I have used canned palm nut concentrate in this recipe. This makes the process of making banga soup a little easier and faster than the traditional method, which requires making the palm nut extract yourself. However, I have provided a note on how to make banga soup using the fresh palm nut fruit below.
You can boil your meat for more or less than 30 minutes, depending on the meat type you use. Tougher meat cuts will cook longer, while softer meat cuts will cook faster.


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